nail arts at home

Hey guys, welcom to this bolg, I hope yesterday post you like. Today I will come back with the article related to nail arts at home. Because it is a part of my Beauty, all girls are take care own beauty. So now toady we are talking about the design of nail art . My dear women or girls i know that’s we all are going to parlour for nail designing . We are not expect, evenly not me, not you and others. So I want to learn how to design of you nail and how to care your nail at home.

Part 1

How to make nail arts at home easily……………

Firstly In the part 1 :- I will clean your nail very nicely & give a shape according to your taste.

After cleaning your nail and shaping you nails , I have polish your nail.

finally I will choose own favourite colour of nail polish or matching to your dress.

Part 2

What to do in the second part look at carefully…….

secondly In the part 2:- I will start to making well art in the nails.

1. Dot art of nails very easy and simple method

so friends first we will start to learn from very easy methods. Look at this image………..

Besides the choose colour of nail polish is 4 different colours. Red, green, white and golden. But the decorate only one finger of nail . Who Design through 3 colour nail paint dot.

2. Black and white design of nails

3. Neno Rainbow dotting nails design very much good

5. Half parted nail designs combination of two colours nail polish.

6. Three different nail polish of colour is decorated in a cloudy shaped look to Beautiful.

7. Unique creativity

8. Fly birds design draw on your nail only use 3 colour of nail paint.

best hairstyle of braid

Hey guys, welcome back to in my blog this blog post is special for styling girls. best hairstyle of braid for women , and firstly i will say that yesterday i will write a post of hair style of girls . This post is 2part of blog i hope the first part of hair style is you like most.

Besides i am like most of braid, especially long braid is loveable look of any girls or women. Today i will try you have find your favourite style of braid is founded in this post…,.

Types of best hairstyle of braid & , how to make a fashionable look

braid style no.1

hair braid style in the wedding. simple loose braid is designed by the artificial flower looking soo gorgeous in this style . So girls believe me if you try thi style defin itely you are looking unique personality.

braid no. 2

Secondly I will share this image of braid style is give a shine look to this punjabi girl. Making a side France braid with few open stripe of hair. Look at this image………
Braid no. 3

so , to help you , how to style of hair on the sareee like on this picture deepika padukone. She is inspire to all of you with the cute smile.
Braid no. 4

Forth best hair style is very traditional fashion of braid . I am remember that this types of braid making especially in the school time . Most of girls evenly i will make many times. If you wear jeans and T-shirts then this style you will try. I am sure you are feel cool fashion in this summer’s

braid style no. 5

Finally I think you will find your own braid style. This style is my favourite and easily make in few minutes.

hair style of girl’s at home

Hey guys , welcome back in my blog & thanks to you for coming . So my dear girls i have an idea for your hair style. Today I am talking about the how to styling of hair in many different- different way.

I know that many girls are very disappointed of our hair. Some times if you have ready ,going to party but you can not decided what You want a styling of braid. Similarly , many times we are not make a style only side part of hair and open straight hair, ponytail, simple braid……… Atteched a clip on Half part of hair…. etc…..etc………….

6 hair style of girls I hope you all are know and see this type of style………….

Style no. 1

My dear women or girls this style is very simple and i know definitely you can try this style. But if you add one step is more on this styling really you are looking so beautifully.

Tips:- so girls now we will curling of long hair into the downward side of long open hair. Look at this image….. I am easily understood this style

Style no . 2

Seem like this style of hair’s is best for shot length of hair’s . I will divide into the 2 part of hair and rolling up on back side like this……….

Styling no. 3

In the other side some women is like most make of hair is braid. This outstanding styles of hair is for like this women . French braid is make like this step by step look at on this image………

Style no. 4

Guys you know that if you wear a saree in the any party and your hair are is to shot or much longer you can try this. Bun is the knotted of hair the best think is that you can not irritate of long hair in this hot summer session…..

Some image of hairstyles…….

style no. 5
Styling no. 6

simple makeup at home

Hey girls , how are you face of beauty  in this lockdown. I know many girls are sad and confused how to do simple makeup at home. Now Today I am try to give a simple beautiful look only use of some tips with make-up box. So we all are know that make-up box is very important, if you want to learn how much make apply on our face.

What in the make-up box ,,,, if you do yourself a simple makeup..

  • rose water
  • moisturizer
  • primer
  • foundation
  • Face tone powder
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • lipstick
  • Nailpolish
  • Eye liner

There are all things we need into the make up box. I think these things we have found all girls into the make up kit.

how to apply make up on your face……& Give a beautiful simple look …….

  • firstly wash your face use or rose water and otherwise you can wash normal water.
  • Secondly moisturizer of your face skin, use of any moisturizer according to you .
  • Thirdly after applying of moisturizer then we will apply primer on your face. Primer is give a smoothly textured of your face skin. you can easily use foundation & bright up of face.
  • Fourthly assess you face skin to cover & hide of uneven ance or dark spots.
  • Fifthly you can apply the foundation on you face . Like on this image……. Girls remember that, the foundation is matched your skin tone.

finally we have completed half step of make over. After do this we will start the make up to look beautiful outstanding at your home and yourself.

In the sixth step I will apply concealer nearly of eyes dark circles to hide it and cover it.

Do like this…… Image

How to use of concealer in the right way look at this image carefully.

after do this use only 3 step

Step1:- Apply power and light touch up the blush on the chicks .

Step2:- In the 2step I will try to get unique look to your eyes apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, & mascara.

Step3:- last but not least you can apply lipstick on our lips as your choice.

beauty tips for face of diy

Hey guys, you all are make sure take care of your face skin. So i will come back to give some Beauty tips for face. Today I am talking about some Beauty secrets use of home ingredient. Like potatoes, green tea , multani mitti…………

How to use potato Beauty tips for face………

first you can use potato for remove dark circle on eyes. What to do you?

  • Dark circles remover :- first you take a potato and cut a Slice of potato & put in the freezer. Afer 5 minutes take out slices into the freezer. Then you can put on the eyes nearly by dark circles. So take rest few 20 minutes to remove darkness and wash it. So guys how feel that, I think feel cool of your eyes…
  • Hair fall :- if you want reduce the hair fall so try this tips for Beauty full hairs. Take 1potato juice and mix it into the aloe vera gel. After ready to this pack massage in scalp & then combe it. Similarly after’ 30 later you can wash hair any hair shampoo.
  • Glowing skin:- shock a tissue paper, cotton clothes, or face towel in to the potato juice and drape this on you face. Really this tips is very great for your bright face.

How to use multani mitti…..

Multanni mitti is a natural resources for Beauty of face. There is a traditional way of Beauty , our grandmother beauty secrets is this ingredient multanni mitti……. Now Today I will share some Beauty tips .
  • multani mitti powered is mixed into the Rose water & make a face pack.
  • take basan, turmeric, milk multani mitti or 1lemon all ingredients are mixed. Then you look ek light face pack is ready now you can use on dry face skin.

Our skin is very soft and if we are use reday mate cosmetic beauty products . Then our skin is dul very fast Because chemical is harmful for your skin. So use this Home made tips.

face pack Beauty tips

Hey guys if you want a shine face in this summer’s . Try this face pack & make easily in home. We all are different skin, some skins are oli or some skin is dul. We all are not same skin , if you care of skin then you shine your skin.

Top 10 face pack use of only 2- ingredient

  1. Use of coconut milk or Tomato juice

Method:- Take 2 tespoons coconut milk and 1tespoons Tomato juice both ingredients are mixed. After make this face mask you can apply on you face.

2. use of lemon juice and egg white

Methods:- 1 spoon lemon juice with 1spoon egg whites we are mixed and apply on blackheads. Girls if you want removed unwanted blackheads on your face Try this one.

how to use honey

3.use of honey with coffee powered.

Method :- 2 teaspoons coffee powered with 2teaspoons honey make a paste and apply on you face. Then after 20minutes you can wash your face & look glowing skin.

4. Use of honey with cinnamon

method:- so guys i will make a pack use of ¹/⁴ tbsp cinnamon and 2tbsp honey make a face pack. Clear acne treatment on your face.

5. Use of honey with lemon juice

Method :- when you can use 2 tbsp honey with lemon 1 tbsp lemon juice then apply on our skin . After 30 minutes you can wash now your skin is deep clean wash…

How to use turmeric powder with lemon

6. Turmeric powder with lemon

Method :- Take 1tbsp turmeric powder in a bowl. Similarly add 2tbsp lemon juice freshly as well.

Mixed smoothly, now ready to apply on your face light skin.

7. coconut oil with turmeric powder

Method :- If you make healthy skin so let’s make this face pack. We need to ingredient first 1tbsp coconut oil with ¹/⁴ tbsp turmeric powder . And apply on your face …….

rose water how to use ?

To see the blog rose water how to use for glowing sink at home. rose water is call{ gulab jail } many rose water is found in market . but the best gulab jail is Dabur gulab jail,key of this water is odour of roses. I have thia gulab jail and i am use of this,,,,,,,,, like on face , hair eyes etc ,,,,,,,,,,,

  1. gulab jail is remove the oil and dust on your face .
  2. it is more usefull for your skin glowingness.
  3. gulab jail is hydrety your body sink in summer.
  4. not only, for face this is benifit to your eyes.
  5. after use of this then your skin feel cool ……….

tip of rose water how to use??????????…….


have you rose in your flower pot ? if have not . so it’s ok do not worry . today i am going to use of gulab jail.

fisrtly i have take gulab jail and another take cotton ball .

secondly you can deep your cotton ball into the gulab jail.

In other word, after deep it you can rub on your face of cotton ball.

Start from your forehead and try to move your hand , like round round circle.

after rub the forehead i came to down, of near by eyes and move your hand like draw a half moon ………

Do like this of till 5 minuts, and remember that if you can this at the night . really the best relaxing of your skin and glowing much of your face…….


How to grow your hair at home, long & shine hair.

  • Gulab jail or any shampoo add it both and mixed it. Use for washing hair & see you smooth and soft shiny hair.
  • Gulab jail plus vitamin E capsule use at night and massage it on hairs.
  • Coconut oil gulab jal and use as a hair oil .

tips for glowing skin homemade aloe vera gel…. ..?

Aloe vera is a green plant, the leave is gell filled. Many people give you tips for glowing skin homemade into the Quarantine……… Let’s do it, this time is for hydrate your skin use of Aloe Vera at home. This tips for you all, what to do ? With aloe vera gel & how to use us ?

so use of not only to you face ,Aloe Vera use to many different types or way. Most of people use for as a medicine at home. Like food , health tips, ayurvedic treatment, hair fall, etc ……….

Before use the aloe vera gel , you need to how to make aloe vera gel at home…….

ingredient tips for glowing skin homemade……………

  • 1 aloe vera leaf
  • Scissor
  • 1 bowl
  • half teaspoon honey
  • Coconut oil

1.Firstly , take aloe vera leaf and cut it.

2.Second, blinds the Pell in with honey and coconut oil.

3.And the end transfer into a bole and put in refrigerator.

your homemade remedies is prepared by only use of 3 ingredient honey and aloe vera , coconut

Useful for this aloe vera gel…………

1. aloe vera gel is useful for hair after wash the hair. you can use this aloe vera gel like a conditioner and after half an hour you wash it your hair. and look at the shiny hair.
2. Aloe vera gel useful for your face skin. this is use on your face at the night sleeping time. put on your face like cream and rest half and hour you can wash it.
3. This aloe vera gel is use for dark circle of your face. like below on eyes, elbow , etc………

Aloe Vera face mask………..

  • 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel and rose water , multani mitti.
  • All ingredient of mixed up.
  • now , you aloe vera face mask is ready to use .

how to look beautiful with all colours of lipstick shades

To see the blog, how to look beautiful with all colours of lipstick shades. so you want today trend spotter lipstick is needed for beautiful of lips. We all are try to look Awesome, But sometimes I am confused, what shades? Or what color will glance on me? I think red is good for me . But no, red lipstick is very bold & my skin colour is brown. I hope light pink is right choice for my lips. but light pink is so, light. and last I will adjusted with nude colour of lipstick shades.

Firstly ,,, girls & my dear women, now you are not adjusted like me. And secondly Read this blog.

how to look beautiful with red rose lipstick shade……………………

Red rose matte lipstick shades is wonderful colour. Besides the most of bride women are like this types of shades. Red lipstick shade are very Rossy shine or sexy colour.

Type of red lipstick shade

Pinky pinks lipstick shade……..

Pink shades are very simple colour. Therefore all girls or woman prefer this shades. If you feel stylish yourself a pink lipstick addicted. Because all shades of pink lipstick like softy lips.

Types of pink lipstick shade

Brown chocolate lipstick shades………

Brown lipstick shades like creamy chocolate lips. This shades is bold colour & highlighted your fashion. Many actress of Bollywood or Hollywood have unique collection of this shades.

How to look beautiful with you favourite lipstick shades…..

Finally, girls or my dear pretty women choose your favourite colour. If you understand all shades of lipstick. when we all are going to any party, occasions or on fastival. The first think in my mind , after we wear awesome oufit. What shades of lipstick is right for my lips on this dress.

similarly , all shades are good texture of lipstick.

easy mehndi designs Learn for fastival in lockdown

If you want to learn easy mehndi designs in lockdown. Because this time is learning time. We all are stay home, so let’s make your time creatively . Mehedi is a great part of all festivals or an occasions mostly for Indians.

Mehndi is a Traditional legacy in India , that are celebrating Mehndi function in the wedding or other festivals. Link eid , karwa chauth , and Teej , women’s beautify their hands or feet with lovely henna designs.

History of henna Mehndi:- The pass on were the mughal history of mehndi. and introduce it to Indian during 12 century AD.

Traditional easy mehndi designs!

If you are think that you can not make like this henna designs. So friends really…………. really one may be for you. Let us start with……

Day 1

so I can explain from day 1, what to do? On first day you practice with henna cone . And try to make straight line, sleeping line, or slanting line. Many designs you can try like……, round round design, zigzag pattern, or cloud, leaf pattern, flowers.

Day 2

When you after first day practices in 2day try to this one………

this beautiful pattern of Mehndi pattern is very mportant. because you can make many designs use of this pattern.

Day 3

Besides, this day you learn make many types of flowers pattern.

Trending henna Mehndi flowers

Day 4( Best easy mehndi designs simple pattern)………

Best Mehndi pattern you will easily make. if you can 3day practice continually day by day.

Many famous pattern………!!!!!!!

This hena pattern is call dholak pattern mosty this pattern make on bride women. looking very attractive pattern , create like this types …….

Full hand easy mehndi designs……..!!!??????
1. Make small samall very pretty pattern.