How to make threading at home! use of some easy steps

How to make threading at home! use of some easy steps

Hello my friends & welcome to my blog. Today in my blog post is how to make threading at home in lockdown. So friends Today I will tell you about some easy steps to make eyebrows. You all know this is my first post. I think you are trying to understand my point very well. Let’s do it, but friends we need some Material.

Material:- Thread, talcum powder, scissor

Threading step by step

Step 1:- so, firstly we need a 12 Inches long piece of thread.

Step 2:- secondly, I will make try to the knot of thread. We will insert the thread in the two fingers of both hands. Link on this image……………..

Remember that Twist the thread one hand like you are making an “x”……..

Similarly, twist the fingers 5 times in the same way.

Step 3:- also now, I will take my index finger and thumb into the loop. Remember that very important step 2 do not to lose the thread. 

Step 4:- let start to make the shape of your eyebrows. What to do? …….. You push the hairs in opposite directions.

So, now one hand is upon your brow and one hand is below. Like on this image…….

Step 5:-. It seems that the turn has to be taken upwards. And open the hand and stretch the thread and does the hair grow……….

removed the hairs you try to push out in the v part of threads.

Step 6:- In the 6 steps is the last step, move your fingers open …….. Close, open, close …….. twist & catch hair. Do this step is fast. This works early and no pain.

Conclusions:- I hope you all understand this method of threading. So girls and my dear women don’t upset on lockdown day you threading to give your beautiful look. If you have any problem then ask me, comments & share your ideas with me. Wait my next post something special…….

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