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easy mehndi designs Learn for fastival in lockdown

If you want to learn easy mehndi designs in lockdown. Because this time is learning time. We all are stay home, so let’s make your time creatively . Mehedi is a great part of all festivals or an occasions mostly for Indians.

Mehndi is a Traditional legacy in India , that are celebrating Mehndi function in the wedding or other festivals. Link eid , karwa chauth , and Teej , women’s beautify their hands or feet with lovely henna designs.

History of henna Mehndi:- The pass on were the mughal history of mehndi. and introduce it to Indian during 12 century AD.

Traditional easy mehndi designs!

If you are think that you can not make like this henna designs. So friends really…………. really one may be for you. Let us start with……

Day 1

so I can explain from day 1, what to do? On first day you practice with henna cone . And try to make straight line, sleeping line, or slanting line. Many designs you can try like……, round round design, zigzag pattern, or cloud, leaf pattern, flowers.

Day 2

When you after first day practices in 2day try to this one………

this beautiful pattern of Mehndi pattern is very mportant. because you can make many designs use of this pattern.

Day 3

Besides, this day you learn make many types of flowers pattern.

Trending henna Mehndi flowers

Day 4( Best easy mehndi designs simple pattern)………

Best Mehndi pattern you will easily make. if you can 3day practice continually day by day.

Many famous pattern………!!!!!!!

This hena pattern is call dholak pattern mosty this pattern make on bride women. looking very attractive pattern , create like this types …….

Full hand easy mehndi designs……..!!!??????
1. Make small samall very pretty pattern.

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