rose water how aazto use

rose water how to use ?

To see the blog rose water how to use for glowing sink at home. rose water is call{ gulab jail } many rose water is found in market . but the best gulab jail is Dabur gulab jail,key of this water is odour of roses. I have thia gulab jail and i am use of this,,,,,,,,, like on face , hair eyes etc ,,,,,,,,,,,

  1. gulab jail is remove the oil and dust on your face .
  2. it is more usefull for your skin glowingness.
  3. gulab jail is hydrety your body sink in summer.
  4. not only, for face this is benifit to your eyes.
  5. after use of this then your skin feel cool ……….

tip of rose water how to use??????????…….


have you rose in your flower pot ? if have not . so it’s ok do not worry . today i am going to use of gulab jail.

fisrtly i have take gulab jail and another take cotton ball .

secondly you can deep your cotton ball into the gulab jail.

In other word, after deep it you can rub on your face of cotton ball.

Start from your forehead and try to move your hand , like round round circle.

after rub the forehead i came to down, of near by eyes and move your hand like draw a half moon ………

Do like this of till 5 minuts, and remember that if you can this at the night . really the best relaxing of your skin and glowing much of your face…….


How to grow your hair at home, long & shine hair.

  • Gulab jail or any shampoo add it both and mixed it. Use for washing hair & see you smooth and soft shiny hair.
  • Gulab jail plus vitamin E capsule use at night and massage it on hairs.
  • Coconut oil gulab jal and use as a hair oil .

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