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Hey guys if you want a shine face in this summer’s . Try this face pack & make easily in home. We all are different skin, some skins are oli or some skin is dul. We all are not same skin , if you care of skin then you shine your skin.

Top 10 face pack use of only 2- ingredient

  1. Use of coconut milk or Tomato juice

Method:- Take 2 tespoons coconut milk and 1tespoons Tomato juice both ingredients are mixed. After make this face mask you can apply on you face.

2. use of lemon juice and egg white

Methods:- 1 spoon lemon juice with 1spoon egg whites we are mixed and apply on blackheads. Girls if you want removed unwanted blackheads on your face Try this one.


how to use honey

3.use of honey with coffee powered.

Method :- 2 teaspoons coffee powered with 2teaspoons honey make a paste and apply on you face. Then after 20minutes you can wash your face & look glowing skin.

4. Use of honey with cinnamon

method:- so guys i will make a pack use of ¹/⁴ tbsp cinnamon and 2tbsp honey make a face pack. Clear acne treatment on your face.

5. Use of honey with lemon juice

Method :- when you can use 2 tbsp honey with lemon 1 tbsp lemon juice then apply on our skin . After 30 minutes you can wash now your skin is deep clean wash…

How to use turmeric powder with lemon

6. Turmeric powder with lemon

Method :- Take 1tbsp turmeric powder in a bowl. Similarly add 2tbsp lemon juice freshly as well.


Mixed smoothly, now ready to apply on your face light skin.

7. coconut oil with turmeric powder

Method :- If you make healthy skin so let’s make this face pack. We need to ingredient first 1tbsp coconut oil with ¹/⁴ tbsp turmeric powder . And apply on your face …….

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