simple make up

simple makeup at home

Hey girls , how are you face of beauty  in this lockdown. I know many girls are sad and confused how to do simple makeup at home. Now Today I am try to give a simple beautiful look only use of some tips with make-up box. So we all are know that make-up box is very important, if you want to learn how much make apply on our face.

What in the make-up box ,,,, if you do yourself a simple makeup..

  • rose water
  • moisturizer
  • primer
  • foundation
  • Face tone powder
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • lipstick
  • Nailpolish
  • Eye liner

There are all things we need into the make up box. I think these things we have found all girls into the make up kit.

how to apply make up on your face……& Give a beautiful simple look …….

  • firstly wash your face use or rose water and otherwise you can wash normal water.
  • Secondly moisturizer of your face skin, use of any moisturizer according to you .
  • Thirdly after applying of moisturizer then we will apply primer on your face. Primer is give a smoothly textured of your face skin. you can easily use foundation & bright up of face.
  • Fourthly assess you face skin to cover & hide of uneven ance or dark spots.
  • Fifthly you can apply the foundation on you face . Like on this image……. Girls remember that, the foundation is matched your skin tone.

finally we have completed half step of make over. After do this we will start the make up to look beautiful outstanding at your home and yourself.

In the sixth step I will apply concealer nearly of eyes dark circles to hide it and cover it.

Do like this…… Image

How to use of concealer in the right way look at this image carefully.

after do this use only 3 step

Step1:- Apply power and light touch up the blush on the chicks .

Step2:- In the 2step I will try to get unique look to your eyes apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, & mascara.

Step3:- last but not least you can apply lipstick on our lips as your choice.

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