nail arts at home

nail arts at home

Hey guys, welcom to this bolg, I hope yesterday post you like. Today I will come back with the article related to nail arts at home. Because it is a part of my Beauty, all girls are take care own beauty. So now toady we are talking about the design of nail art . My dear women or girls i know that’s we all are going to parlour for nail designing . We are not expect, evenly not me, not you and others. So I want to learn how to design of you nail and how to care your nail at home.

Part 1

How to make nail arts at home easily……………

Firstly In the part 1 :- I will clean your nail very nicely & give a shape according to your taste.

After cleaning your nail and shaping you nails , I have polish your nail.

finally I will choose own favourite colour of nail polish or matching to your dress.

Part 2

What to do in the second part look at carefully…….

secondly In the part 2:- I will start to making well art in the nails.

1. Dot art of nails very easy and simple method

so friends first we will start to learn from very easy methods. Look at this image………..

Besides the choose colour of nail polish is 4 different colours. Red, green, white and golden. But the decorate only one finger of nail . Who Design through 3 colour nail paint dot.

2. Black and white design of nails

3. Neno Rainbow dotting nails design very much good

5. Half parted nail designs combination of two colours nail polish.

6. Three different nail polish of colour is decorated in a cloudy shaped look to Beautiful.

7. Unique creativity

8. Fly birds design draw on your nail only use 3 colour of nail paint.

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