hair style of girl’s at home

Hey guys , welcome back in my blog & thanks to you for coming . So my dear girls i have an idea for your hair style. Today I am talking about the how to styling of hair in many different- different way.

I know that many girls are very disappointed of our hair. Some times if you have ready ,going to party but you can not decided what You want a styling of braid. Similarly , many times we are not make a style only side part of hair and open straight hair, ponytail, simple braid……… Atteched a clip on Half part of hair…. etc…..etc………….

6 hair style of girls I hope you all are know and see this type of style………….

Style no. 1

My dear women or girls this style is very simple and i know definitely you can try this style. But if you add one step is more on this styling really you are looking so beautifully.

Tips:- so girls now we will curling of long hair into the downward side of long open hair. Look at this image….. I am easily understood this style

Style no . 2

Seem like this style of hair’s is best for shot length of hair’s . I will divide into the 2 part of hair and rolling up on back side like this……….

Styling no. 3

In the other side some women is like most make of hair is braid. This outstanding styles of hair is for like this women . French braid is make like this step by step look at on this image………

Style no. 4

Guys you know that if you wear a saree in the any party and your hair are is to shot or much longer you can try this. Bun is the knotted of hair the best think is that you can not irritate of long hair in this hot summer session…..

Some image of hairstyles…….

style no. 5
Styling no. 6